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Helmet – Florida Law requires all riders under age 16 to wear a bicycle helmet. F.S. 316.2065(d)

Lights – Florida Law requires a white headlight and a red taillight between sunset and sunrise. F.S.316.2065(m)

  • Do not wear ear buds or headsets
  • Do not text or use a cell phone
  • Major safety research confirms that bike helmets save lives

– Reflectors may be attached to the bicycle frame and wheels and the rider’s helmet and clothing

Reflective Clothing – Available in bike shops

Brakes – Should be checked and serviced often

Tires – Should be checked and inflated properly


  • Over 1000 people die each year in cycling accidents
  • Most cycling deaths (62%) occur due to head injuries
  • Bike helmets reduce head injuries by up to 85%
  • Of those killed on bikes, over 60% were not wearing a helmet
  • Bicycle deaths occur most often between 6 pm and 9 pm. USE SAFETY LIGHTS!
  • Bicycle deaths occur most often in urban areas. STAY ALERTY AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY REGULATIONS

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